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What was the process of QA testing in your last company?

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asked in Manual Testing Interview Question by tester (1,550 points)

This was the 3rd question asked to me in a QA interview ,please discuss how this question can be answered smartly .

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answered by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)

The QA process had several phases  in my last company ,which are  following :


  1. Test Plan

  2. Test Cases  

  3. Review

  4. Execute

  5. Improve

  6. Defects logging


Test Plan : - We used to make test plan in which we have to define our scope or we can say eventual workflow of testing.


Test case :-  After reading user stories we used to write test case ,which contains the step by step representation of different-different scenarios .


Review  : - After writing test cases we have to send the test cases to the out manager / lead ,so that they can review those test cases and after reviewing we had to discuss these test cases with product managers in walkthrough meeting.


Execution : - After reviewing all test cases we have to execute them  in the real environment .


Improve :- While executions if we got some good ideas or any new scenarios so w have to improve our test case and raise those


improvement as an enhancements to the product manager.


Defects logging : - while execution of test cases we used to find many bugs and enhancements ,so for tracking we have to log those


bugs and enhancements we use defect management tools like JIRA or Bugzilla we used to log bug in JIRA.

commented by tester (1,550 points)
+1 for nice answer @himanshu Thanks !

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